The Seniors Real Estate Institute's exclusive Legacy Conference event is certain to expand your thinking, increase your awareness, and energize your creativity. As passionate and relationship-focused real estate professionals, we have a unique opportunity before us. Mature homeowners, like no other time before in history, need us -- but they need for us to be at our absolute best -- this is what the SREI LEGACY CONFERENCE is all about! It's about you becoming your very best YOU! 

This two day information packed event is perfect for newer associates and seasoned professionals alike. Whether you are just launching a mature market niche or you are looking to reinvent, expand, and energize your current practice, the Legacy Conference is the place to be.

Unlike any other professional organization in the real estate industry, the Seniors Real Estate Institute is dedicated to helping you — the real estate professional — better serve our growing senior demographic, while simultaneously accomplishing your own personal and professional goals and dreams.

This year’s Legacy Conference event is more than a just a gathering of people, it is the beginning of major paradigm shift in our industry. By sharing your passion, dedication, and servant heart you stand to have a significant impact on thousands of lives throughout your career and beyond.

You not only get to create your own LEGACY, but help others do the same!

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