5 Simple Steps to Loving Buyers:

Sell More Homes by Working Smarter Not Harder

Being listing focused means more properties on the market and more active listings means even more opportunities to serve buyers! This is great news for those who love working with buyers, but not such great news for those who are frustrated by buyer-related challenges. 

The Seniors Real Estate Institute recognizes that while you may focus your attention and specialize in the mature market, you will continue to serve many other segments of home buyers and sellers along the way!  We also acknowledge that the long-term success of your overall real estate business relies on two distinctly different, but interwoven elements: 

Two Critical Components

1. Effectively listing, marketing, and closing homes that are owned and occupied by mature home sellers, estate beneficiaries, or caregivers, and

2. Helping home-buyers with purchasing a property that either you have listed another meeting their current and future needs. 


In this 4-week LIVE online course, you will learn proven strategies, scripts, and systems designed especially for you, the RELATIONAL AGENT!   That's right...not everyone likes to "turn and burn" when it comes to real estate sales. This is one of the reasons that you probably don't enjoy most of the lead generation strategies taught in the real estate field! Experienced and expert buyer agent, Deborah Lesyshyn, knows EXACTLY what is holding you back because she, like many of us, is RELATIONAL. She really LIKES people and doesn't look at the like numbers or sales.

In the upcoming course, 5 Simple Steps to Loving Buyers, Master Trainer, Deborah Lesyshyn, will take you through the

process from start to finish of listing and selling buyers and LOVING IT!  

Here is what you will take away from this course:

  • A relational approach to serving buyer clients of all types

  • Permission to throw out old paradigms about how you "should" work with buyers

  • Scripts and strategies for creating an immediate connection with home buyers 

  • A proven system for moving qualified buyers from prospects to clients

  • Tools for pre-qualifying buyers quickly and effectively

  • How to confidently deliver a POWERFUL buyer consultation

  • Answers to the most common buyer-related objections or obstacles

  • Showing strategies that are guaranteed to reduce the number of homes shown prior to making an offer

  • Tips and systems for cultivating repeat clients and lifelong referral sources

Are you sick and tired of working with buyers who don't appreciate you?

Do you continue to run all over town and work crazy hours, letting buyers determine your schedule and prioritize your life?

Does your spouse wonder why you stay up late and leave early every day just to earn a reduced commission because your buyer chose a house listed by a discount broker? 

Or... have you QUIT working with buyers all together because you are just OVER IT?

We get it. No, really, we do. There was a point in our careers when we said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. That is when we learned how to work smarter and quit working so hard when it came to buyers. Here's the truth. There are plenty of amazing people out there who want and need to buy homes. They are qualified, ready, willing, and able. Not only that, they are nice people!!! You know it's true because you have met some of them. Well, there are more. You just have to quit spending all your time with the ones who aren't a fit for you and free up the time to find the ones who ARE!

We did it -- we learned to love buyers -- and you can too! 

When you ...

Commit to being a true professional serving buyers and sellers with equal levels of appreciation and representation,

Learn how to pre-qualify, educate, and partner with home buyers instead of treating them like a number or a quota, and

Choose to master a simple yet powerful buyer presentation and consultative process that set you apart from every agent in your market, 

You will LOVE buyers again -- and even better, they will LOVE YOU!!!! 

Here's what you get when you sign up: 

  • 4 information packed webinar/tele-conference training sessions (1 session per week)

  • Live coaching support and Q & A during each weekly session 

  • Complete Buyer Presentation System ready for your personal touch and customization

  • Scripts, questions, and processes for prequalifying, converting, and setting appointments with prospective buyers

  • Recorded course sessions for personal download and playback (available online for 6 months)

Date: Begins Tuesday, January 13, 2015 

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm Central (weekly)

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Registration: $147

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