Baby Boomers, Senior Citizens and HIV/AIDS in Austin, TX

Posted by: Nikki Buckelew

Baby Boomers, Senior Citizens and HIV/AIDS in Austin, TX

In my last blog, I promised to provide an example template of how a senior housing professional, senior move manager, or elder care professional may wish to tackle an important – yet deep – issue related to seniors, boomers and their health.

I hope this will spark some ideas for you and ways for you to further develop relationships within your local community.

Serving as an advocate is as important as any business venture.

Here goes...

It's a startling number. Across the U.S., 17% of newly-diagnosed cases of HIV occur in those over the age of 55. To add to those crazy numbers, 31% of those who currently have HIV are more than a half-century old.

While those numbers likely differ to some extent in Austin, TX, it's fair to assume that our numbers in Austin are roughly similar.

As a real estate agent in Austin, TX who works with many boomers, seniors and their families, I thought it was important that I share these statistics with you and provide some resources nationwide and in our own area.

As a society, we tend to discount the idea of seniors engaging in romantic activities – let alone that type of romantic activity! But clearly -- and we all know it --that is not the case. Prevention of HIV in seniors is an important issue.

According to the U.S. Administration on Aging, “Older Americans do not always realize that they may be at risk for HIV infection. Many came of age in the decades before AIDS and did not receive the information about HIV prevention that younger generations did. Others were married or in long-term relationships for many years and tuned out information about HIV.

Now, after being widowed or divorced, they are entering intimate relationships again for the first time in decades. Compare with those who are younger, they may be less knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and therefore less likely to protect themselves.”

Below are some links to local and national online resources offering information concerning HIV and older Americans. Being responsible doesn't end when we are no longer teenagers!

The U.S. Administration on Aging: Older Adults and HIV/AIDS

Older Adults and HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet



So, in one fell swoop, I've managed to write and post some great information on my blog, while also hopefully inspiring you, the readers and fans of the Senior Real Estate Institute. As icing on the cake, this info has the potential to help many people in your local community - and mine. Yes, I feel good!

Now let's get to work making a difference!



Nikki Buckelew is the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute and administrator for the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation. A veteran REALTOR® of over two decades, she holds a bachelor’s degree in gerontology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, Nikki is committed to empowering, equipping, and educating real estate sales and senior housing professionals seeking to better serve the mature market segment. 

Dayhna Carroll commented on 10-May-2013 04:57 AM
This info is a wowser! You are such a pioneer. I am glad the senior crew has you on their side.
Anonymous commented on 10-May-2013 04:57 AM
Thanks Dayhna. Something to think about to be sure!

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