Lives of Purpose & SoulFire Shining Bright

Posted by: Nikki Buckelew

Lives of Purpose & SoulFire Shining Bright


They lived their lives with SoulFire and it showed. Legacies that will touch generations.

This Martin Luther King Junior Day of 2013 caused me to stop for a few minutes and marvel over the life of a man who made such an impact on the United States and the world.

It also caused me to contemplate some of the other greats who have passed away recently: people like Stan Musial, Zig Ziglar, Dear Abby, and Howard Brinton, all of whom exhibited SoulFire in a distinct manner to a wide variety of groups and people.

These were individuals who had a passion for life and compassion for others. They thrilled at the prospect of sharing what they knew and enriching the existence of their fellow man – sometimes en masse and sometimes one at at time.

Those of us in the real estate business saw firsthand – often at conferences and the like – the SoulFire that Howard Brinton exhibited. Today, his legacy lives on, not only in the systems that he developed for the industry, but also in the passion that he passed on to thousands of agents and brokers.

Zig Ziglar's purpose in life was to motivate others. His SoulFire shimmered brightly as he brought people to awareness of the many ways in which they were limiting themselves. Then he brightened their lives by providing an action plan that towed them along through the thought and action changes necessary for improvement.

Dear Abby (Pauline Phillips) offered her SoulFire in a different way; her platform of a daily column published in thousands of newspapers across the world allowed her to offer advice and comfort – along with the occasional kick-in-the-butt – to millions of readers daily. Her purpose, her SoulFire, was to help others understand where their lives were possibly out of kilter and offer positive ways in which to change the problem.

All of these greats existed to help others learn about themselves and discover the many ways in which their lives could be fuller. And, as a result, their lives were also enriched – both materially and soulfully.

It is my hope that as our physical bodies give way to time and make space for new vibrant healthier ones, that our spirits too will be remembered as having that SoulFire spark and that we will have positively impacted the lives of many as these great spirits have so lovingly done.

If you know of others who live with SoulFire and passion, past or present, please share their stories in the comments. We love the energy that comes with sharing the work of these amazing people!

Namaste’ dear friends!

Nikki Buckelew is the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute, a coaching and training company specializing in senior real estate and housing and administrator for the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation. Buckelew is also the Co-Founder and President of Coaching and Training, a coaching and training company specializing in real estate, leadership, and life coaching for Realtors, brokers, and leaders with SoulFire.



Nikki Buckelew is the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute and administrator for the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation. A veteran REALTOR® of over two decades, she holds a bachelor’s degree in gerontology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, Nikki is committed to empowering, equipping, and educating real estate sales and senior housing professionals seeking to better serve the mature market segment. 

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