Staying in Touch: Make it Fun and Frequent

Posted by: Nikki Buckelew

About a week ago on our July CSHP membership call, the subject came up regarding what we should be doing to stay in touch with our professional platform. Believe me when I say, this is not a new topic! As a matter of fact, I unearthed an old seniors real estate mastermind group document from a few years ago that related to the same thing – staying in touch: what, when, where, and how?

Here are a five short things to remember from me, your coach, along with some creative ideas that came from the mastermind group discussion that day.

1. Staying in touch is about being “top of mind.” 

When someone in your professional platform –– particularly senior living community connections –– has a need (i.e. real estate question, concern, or potential referral) you want them to immediately think of you.

2. Staying in touch is both personal AND business. 

Share your character and your competence by being human and being a savvy business person.

3. Consistency is the key. 

One follow up after an initial meeting is not sufficient to build a relationship… It takes time. After the initial relationship is built, you can’t just expect that it will stay in tact without nurturing it regularly.

4. Differentiate yourself from other agents! 

While market statistics are an excellent ‘leave behind,’ they are available in some form by calling any agent with access to MLS. To really stand out, you may need to get out of your comfort zone and flex your silly muscle a little bit.

5. Shelf life is the name of the game. 

Consumable goods are easy to come by and they quickly disappear. Out of sight – out of mind. Think of leave behinds that are both personalized and that hang around for a while.

Here are a few Pop-By ideas to get you started. Many, if not all, can be purchased inexpensively online or at the local Dollar Store. Attach a note or create a card to accompany the item – we gave you a few and encourage you to think of more and send them to SREI to add to the list!

Nail polish: Tis the season for colorful toes. Spread the word - Your Realtor knows!
We appreciate you as our client and will always pamper your referrals with toe-tally great service!

12 inch ruler or measuring tape:
How does your Realtor measure up?
We appreciate you as our client and will always treat your referrals with service beyond measure!

Udderly Smooth hand lotion:
For transitions (or relocations) that are udderly smooth, call the _____ team.

Swimming float:
It can sometimes be sink or swim with other real estate agents, but not with the XYZ Team. We want you floating down the lazy river while we take care of all the details!

Don’t get burned in your next real estate transaction. Protect yourself by hiring the _____ team!

Ice cream scoop with the market stats:
Here’s the Scoop!

Back scratcher:
Itching to move? Let us scratch that itch.

Butterscotch candy in a black pot:
For real estate service made of pure gold.

Girl scout cookies:
We were out “scouting” for new clients and thought of you!

Garden gloves:
Don’t get your hands dirty! Let us do all the real estate “dirty work” to get the job done!

Hot and cold bag:
While some real estate agents may run hot and cold, we at the XYZ team are the perfect temperature for you!

Working with you and your residents is the “highlight” of my day!

Glow sticks:
Let us make you shine!

Candy dish:
Attach your card with a note about which day you will drop by to refill it. Refills and seasonal candy during specific holidays. (great for offices with multiple people)

On the recent CSHP membership call mentioned previously, I made a comment that you need to do what fits with your personality. Annette Junell, CSHP from Pleasanton, CA. and one of my very first coaching clients in the seniors industry years back, corrected me and shared this with the group. I think it's worth paying attention to! 

“Taking things around to people and dropping them off, especially personal items and not real estate related items, was totally out of my comfort zone, but I did it anyway (I am guessing her coach told her to do it anyway). It worked and the more I did it the less uncomfortable it became. Now it’s actually fun."

What are some ideas you have for Pop By's? Share them in the comments below or on our FB Fanpage! 


Nikki Buckelew is the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute and administrator for the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation. A veteran REALTOR® of over two decades, she holds a bachelor’s degree in gerontology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, Nikki is committed to empowering, equipping, and educating real estate sales and senior housing professionals seeking to better serve the mature market segment. 

Bill Wilson commented on 30-Sep-2014 02:11 PM
Hi just finished reading "Staying in Touch: Make it Fun and Frequent". I know that staying in touch regularly is important in the real estate business. I usually use a drip campaign and phone calls to stain touch. Once in a while send a funny email not real estate related. These "Pop-By" ideas are a great idea to meet again face to face. I need to get over the idea it is so corny and outside my box and will it work for me. I know, I won't know, until I try it I won't know. I need to my inner voice to shut up.

I went to the library and listened to Nikki's interview with David Solie. It reinforces our class work with Nikki. I am not a reader but I will get his book. I hope I can find an audio version

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