Top 10 Reasons SREI's Programs are Considered the Best

Posted by: Nikki Buckelew

Something came up on a call yesterday that sparked my attention… again. I humbly choose to share it here with you today.

We consistently hear people say that Success in Seniors Real Estate is "the best real estate class" they have ever taken. When people say that, I just politely appreciate them and move on. Or, I may ask them to reframe it by saying, “You mean the best real estate class about working with seniors that you have ever taken, right?”

Much to my surprise, the answer is often, “No. The best overall real estate class I’ve ever taken.”

Because this type of statement is usually made during a class (like yesterday) and I don’t want to take away from the program content to further explore it, I just let it go and never really follow up. I sometimes think, “I’m so glad this call was recorded, so I can go back and listen later,” but I never do.

What makes us the best?

The way my brain works is that I want to know WHY someone would feel that way. What is it that would cause someone to be so complimentary? Naturally, if I understand what goes into a statement like that, I can recreate it and give others the same or similar experience.

I also realize that just because some people feel that way, not everyone does. Surely there are people who don’t get much from our classes or think they were less than spectacular, right? Then my little voice reminds me that because we are so committed to excellence that we offer a money back guarantee. Surely if someone didn’t get value, they would ask for their money back — no one ever has.

In an effort to reconcile my own curiosity and speak to those who ask, “What makes your course different than other senior real estate designations?" here is my best stab at what makes us different from other training organizations out there. 

Top 10 reasons SREI real estate trainings and coaching are the best:

  1. We give them everything we’ve got. Holding nothing back, if we know something or can share a relevant experience, resource, or tool, we do. Instead of teaching “low level” material, we assume everyone in our programs have the ability to be masters at their craft. This requires those with less experience to rise up and expand versus making those with more experience contract. 

  2. We care about the short AND long-term success of the people with whom we connect. Whether someone pays us money or not, we believe that by adding value to others, we too receive value. That is why we provide post-course coaching support and free webinars every month. 

  3. Our trainers and coaches model and practice what we teach. Unlike a lot of trainers out there, we work and have worked successfully in the real estate and senior living industries. There is no "theory" involved in our courses -- that's how students can tell that we truly “get it.” It always makes me cringe when I see an appraiser or long-term care insurance agent teaching courses for the National Association of Realtors (NAR) seniors real estate designation.  

  4. It’s more than just making money to us. Real estate sales, coaching, and training pays our bills, but it is more than that. Collecting a paycheck without some sense of purpose, meaning, or “feel good” just doesn’t do it for us. We believe (and have proven time and time again) that you can make a nice profit by also making a positive difference in the lives of others. 

  5. With us, what you see is what you get. As hard as it is sometimes, we show up and allow others to see all of us, the good stuff and the not so good. Our failures got us where we are today and nothing makes me more sick at my stomach than fake people with fake smiles and fake lives. It’s sad for them and it deprives people of the ability to connect with them at a human level. 

  6. Our programs are constantly in a state of revision. Chris goes nuts about this, but every class is new and different because the people in it and the context around it are different. While our textbook only gets revised a couple of times a year, our classes are as unique as the people in them and the markets they serve. Not only do SREI trainings equip agents to master the seniors real estate niche, they also serve to increase their real estate sales skills in ALL areas of their business. 

  7. We recognize that we are not subject matter experts in everything and don't try to be. The fact is, we are only good at very few things and those are the core teachings we promote and sell. Everything else is supplemented by other really smart people - including the students and coaching clients we work with. 

  8. Our courses are more than teaching sound and proven business principles and sales techniques. It’s also more than insuring that real estate people can complete a complex transaction and get paid. Serving seniors is a mission for us. The better real estate agents are at working with elders, the more lives we can touch in a positive way — all around the world. 

  9. Our teachings and programs fit all shapes and sizes of real estate agents and brokerages. Rather than being brokerage specific or having some hidden agenda, we know that what we teach works for every agent and every brokerage, regardless of the color of their sign or the size of their market. 

  10. Passion. They say that a leader’s passion is the number one thing necessary in forming a tribe. One thing is for certain, you can never deny that we have a passion for what we do, who we serve, and what we teach. If we didn’t, frankly, we just wouldn’t do it. Life is too short to get up and go to work doing something that you are less than passionate about! The tribe we are creating shares the same passion, values, and goals we do. 

Now, before you say to yourself (or your friend), “Wow, that Nikki Buckelew is full of herself,” please know that it took everything in my power AND an assignment from my own coach to write this blog. With each statement I wrote, a little part of me felt uncomfortable, wanting to revise it or go find a quote from a student to validate it.

If you can relate with me in this -- if you find yourself having a hard time explaining what makes you a rock star agent who is better than most in your market, we could probably hang out. Not because you don’t know what makes you a rock star, but because it makes you uncomfortable to say it out loud.

Have you ever considered that it's not what you know or what you are (or aren't) doing that is holding you back?

Could it possibly be your humility, while presumably admirable, that keeps you from being at the top of your field? 

It’s time to shine, my friend. 

Your homework, should you choose to accept the challenge, is to write YOUR top 10 things making you great! Consider it an assignment from your coach - Coach Nikki. Share your Top 10 list with us in the comment box below or post it on our Facebook page! 


To borrow a line from Brian Buffini...

Oh, by the way… if you have been through one of our courses and want to comment on what YOU think makes our courses some of the best in the industry, please take a minute and share your comments in the comments box below!


Nikki Buckelew is the Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute and administrator for the Certified Senior Housing Professional® (CSHP) designation. A veteran REALTOR® of over two decades, she holds a bachelor’s degree in gerontology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, Nikki is committed to empowering, equipping, and educating real estate sales and senior housing professionals seeking to better serve the mature market segment. 

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