Testimonial Contest

As you know, the best way to share what you have to offer is to let others spread the word. We would like to ask for your help in spreading the word about the Seniors Real Estate Institute. In order to do this, we decided to create a contest! 

Prize #1

For the best video testimonial (as judged by non-SREI affiliated people possibly on FB or through other means) you will win a complimentary month of coaching! 

A $1000 value...4 coaching calls with Nikki and Chris (or one or the other depending on what you want to get from coaching).

Prize #2

The person with the most outstanding written testimonial including an "action oriented" picture will win a free registration for either the Business Booster group or the Advanced Group Coaching program. Both of these will be starting in the next 30 days and you will be notified of the details. 

Valued at $329 to $499. 

Here are the contest rules and guidelines...feel free to accept, reject, or modify as you see fit! 

Rule #1: Be YOU! 

If you are wild and crazy - be wild and crazy! If you are a little shy and don't like the camera, then don't worry about it - just be you! Feel free to submit multiple entries! By the way, the YOU must be a graduate or participant of an SREI event or program. 

Rule #2: Be honest!

We want you to say what you think - the good, the bad, and the whatever else! Naturally, we want this to help SREI look great and one of the ways we do that is we share the WHOLE STORY with our followers. If we didn't somehow stack up to your expectations, let us know. We will be happy to address any needed changes based on your feedback. It is still a testimonial. 

Rule #3: Be transparent.

If you submit an entry, you are automatically giving us the authority and permission to place your testimonial on our site and in our marketing materials from now on. We get the final say in what we use and what we don't, but by sharing it with us, you are saying "yes" to going public. 

Rule#4: Submit your entry by Sept16th. 

Of course you can always submit it late, it just won't be considered for the contest. 

Rule #5: Keep it short if at all possible!

Video should be 30 sec to 1 minute MAX and written testimonials should be no more than one "short" paragraph and MUST include a photo (either of you "in action" or something that represents your testimonial effectively. Again, be creative!


Here are a few things we would like for you to include in your testimonial and think about as you create it. 

  • Have FUN - your kind of fun!
  • Make sure we can hear you if recording video. Try to keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Consider the message as it applies to people who want to learn more about SREI - they are checking us out for a fit. 
  • Even though you LOVE LOVE LOVE your trainers and coaches (smile) -- don't just be gushy...it just makes us blush. 


Submit entries to: info@seniorsrealestateinstitute

For videos too large to email, you can create a dropbox or google file and share it with us at 

nikki@seniorsrealestateinstitute.com or chris@seniorsrealestateinstitute.com

Suggested topics:

We have worded a few questions you might answer as your testimonial, but they can be incorporated any way you see fit. 

1. What did you learn by attending Success in Seniors Real Estate classes (2 day, telecourse, or eCourse)?

2. What did you get from going to the 5 Essential Strategies for Serving Seniors (besides CE!)? 

3. How have you benefited either personally or professionally from personal coaching, masterminds, or group coaching?

4. How do you see SREI as different from other training organizations?

5. How do you see the Certified Senior Housing Professional designation a different than other seniors related designations? 

6. What goals, dreams, or passions have been ignited or created as a result of taking part in an SREI program or coaching?

7. Share a story that directly relates back to something you learned or got from a class or program with SREI.

Linking back to you!

Include your name, city or metro area, company (if you want), and website address. We will link back to you if appropriate so that people can locate you for referrals and collaboration!

Thank you in advance for participating!