CSHP® Member Benefits

Specializing in Senior Real Estate and Housing

Our Membership Philosophy

The Seniors Real Estate Institute® and our team of coaches, trainers, and administrative staff are committed to providing ongoing world class support, training, coaching and education for our members. Unlike corporate and association related certifications or designations, our support team is just like you -- real estate professionals in the field serving clients! We know that together everyone achieves more and that by working collectively as a team, we can accomplish far more than we ever could individually. 

Our membership is made up of amazing people with unique skills, talents, abilities, and ideas which we value beyond measure. Only by working collectively can we insure that the Seniors Real Estate Institute will continue to be the premier organization for senior housing and real estate education -- and members earning the Certified Senior Housing Professional designation stand out above the crowd.

Certified Senior Housing Professionals® are equipped to:

  • Communicate effectively with their personal, professional, and public platforms about matters affecting seniors and the senior housing market. 
  • Use their unique zone of genius to grow a rewarding senior housing division. 
  • Assist older adults and families with the physical and emotional aspects of late-in-life moves.
  • Assemble and leverage an extensive and powerful professional resource team.
  • Modify, adjust, and create senior specific systems and procedures culminating in a highly sought after value proposition.
  • Partner with senior living communities to better serve seniors and create lasting and mutually beneficial referral partnerships.
  • Implement community education, seminars, and trainings as a means of expanding their reach.
  • Differentiate themselves and be seen as "different" through effective online branding, personal communication skills, and relationship marketing.

Highlights of CSHP Membership

The two-day Success in Seniors Real Estate training events, held nationwide throughout the year, and the online eCourse provides REALTORS® and other senior housing professionals with the unique opportunity to learn and practice key skills in serving older adult clients, as well as the critical tools, systems, and scripts for growing a successful business in the seniors niche. 

Completing the coursework is only the first step in becoming an expert and earning the privilege of becoming a Certified Senior Housing Professional through the Seniors Real Estate Institute. Following the course, graduates complete a comprehensive action plan, exam, and application process including reference checks, proof of production, and the CSHP Membership Pledge. 

Once qualified as a Certified Senior Housing Professional, members will want to plugin to the many benefits available to them!

  • CSHP members may attend additional 2 day courses at no additional cost during the first 12 months of their membership.* 
  • CSHP members may attend additional 2 day courses for half off the full registration price after their first year of membership.* 
* Does not include materials. 

Subject Matter Experts

In addition to providing seniors and their trusted advisors with critical transactional education and advise, Certified Senior Housing Professionals are seen as community icons when it comes to all things related to senior real estate and housing in their markets. The Seniors Real Estate Institute provides CSHP members with ongoing updates about trends in the 55+ housing markets and tools for connecting them with their target audience. 

Training and Coaching

  • Special membership pricing for advanced individual coaching and group coaching programs, annual conferences, and products offered by the Seniors Real Estate Institute and affiliate partners
  • Subject matter expert interviews, video trainings, and eCourses, available through the member’s only section of the website
  • Free monthly coach facilitated mastermind and coaching support calls for CSHP members only
  • Online continuing education (eCourses, webinars, tele-courses) for subject matter mastery

Collaboration, Referrals, and Teamwork

As a member of the fastest growing seniors real estate and housing organization, members can be assured that when making referrals to other CSHP members, they are connecting with highly trained and proven professionals comprised of the best in the industry. Unlike other seniors real estate designees, CSHPs have proven not only their real estate competence, but also that they have taken the necessary steps as outlined in the course materials to insure the best possible service to older adults, their families, and trusted advisors. 

Online Member's Only Section

The Seniors Real Estate Institute web site offers a member's only section where CSHP designees have access to current information and tools to assist you with growing and branding your seniors division. Content is added and updated regularly.

  • CSHP member discussion forum
  • Tools, resources, ideas, and reports
  • Updates to course content and materials throughout the year
  • Online Membership directory

Marketing and Branding Support

The Seniors Real Estate Institute offers courses, tools, and resources to help you promote your seniors division to your personal, professional, and public platforms. 

  • Professional CSHP logo
  • Customizable CSHP brochure
  • CSHP Points of Difference Flyer
  • Consumer directed customizable marketing postcard campaigns
  • Business to business customizable marketing postcard campaigns
  • Specialized resources for website content creation, blogging, social media, and press release support

This is only the beginning! 

Our team of coaches and trainers along with our founding CSHP members are fully committed to not only helping you serve seniors, but providing you with the tools you need to build a successful and rewarding business.

Come back and visit the Member's Only portal regularly for updates! 

Because We're Different!