Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to buy the license to Downsizing Made Easy?

A: When you purchase the license to Downsizing Made Easy (DSME) you are purchasing the rights to reproduce the Downsizing Made Easy Guide in printed format and offer it to clients, potential clients, and business to business contacts. Licensees also have the privilege of using the tools associated with DSME such as PowerPoint presentations, brochures, workbooks, etc. 

Q: Once I pay for the DSME license, is there a renewal or annual membership fee? 

A: This is a one-time only licensing fee. There are no annual renewals or membership fees. 

Q: Can I offer the DSME Guide as an electronic download? 

A: The DSME license is only for reproducing the materials in PRINTED format. Offering the guide as a download is strictly prohibited. You may utilize limited information from the guide in order to generate interest and requests. We encourage you to create a "lead capture" tool on your website and offer the printed copy of the book, but offering it electronically is not a part of the license (and actually diminishes it's overall value as a lead creation tool). 

Q: What is included in the DSME Presentation System? 

A: The following products are included as a part of the license to DSME. We are adding tools and resources regularly, so refer to the sales page of the site to verify current offerings. 

  • Lifetime license to reproduce and distribute the Downsizing Made Easy guide in printed format

  • 2 customizable pages for personal branding and description of unique offerings

  • Bi-fold color brochure via download of the 5 Easy Steps and calls to action for use in marketing and lead generation

  • PowerPoint presentation designed to easily facilitate talks at meetings, group functions, and events

  • Talking points for each slide covering the 5 Easy Steps in the Downsizing Made Easy guide

  • Two Press releases for pre-event promotions and post-event promotions

  • Five page participant workbook for classes and presentations

  • Customizable flyer template

  • Notification of and access to all updates to the Downsizing Made Easy guide as material is added or modified

Q: Is the cost for printing included in the license? 

A: The DSME license does not include the cost of printing the guides. 

Q: What is the best and most affordable way to print the guides? 

A: Licensees may choose to print the guides through a local printer, in-house, or through our affiliated partnerships. We have negotiated special pricing for our licensees on minimum orders of 20 books and rarely are licensees able to find better pricing locally. The guides are printed with hard covers and spiral binding with two customized pages included.  The SREI support team assists in placing your order when you utilize our affiliated vendors. 

Q: Can I modify the contents of the DSME Guide? 

A: There are two customizable pages included in the license for DSME. We recommend one in the front and one at the back to insure your branding is the first and last thing they see as they review the material. The interior pages are copyright protected and licensees are strictly prohibited from modifying the contents. 

Q: Once I purchase the license, how do I access the materials? 

A: If you already have an account set up at the Seniors Real Estate Institute (SREI) website ( login at the bottom using your User ID and Password. You will be redirected to a screen with the links to your secure access pages including Downsizing Made Easy. Follow the link to the page which includes all the downloads for the DSME tools and guide. If you do not have a password already established with SREI, you will need to set one up using the link from the email you will get after your purchase. Once your password is setup, follow the previous instructions. 

Q: Will I get an actual DSME Guide as a part of my purchase?

A: While the files for printing the materials are electronic downloads, we have found that people like to see a hardcopy of what they are ordering. We will ship you a complimentary hardcopy of the DSME Guide following the completion of your order. 

Q: Why does the front of the DSME Guide have a price of $24.95

A: We suggest a retail price of $24.95 per guide when someone wants to purchase it for personal or professional use and who is not considered a prospect or allied resource. While it makes sense to provide the guide at no cost to those in your market area or who are current clients, you may choose to charge non-prospects and non-clients for the book. Additionally, when providing a "complimentary" guide to your clients and prospects, the price on the cover adds "perceived value." 

Q: What if I work on a team? 

A: The DSME license is good for individuals or teams working under the same brand. The definition of team for purposes of using one license is any two or more people who are branded under the same team name and who market themselves as a team, group, or partnership. Team or group branding is not the same as a brokerage brand. If you have specific situations or questions about team or group licenses, please contact us for details. 

Q: Can I modify the PowerPoint or student workbook? 

A: Both the PowerPoint and student workbooks are customizable. You may not modify any of the content that is specific to the DSME Guide or 5 Easy Steps to Downsizing, however, we encourage you to add slides or specific local information to make the presentation tools work for you and your purposes. 

Q: What information do I need to put on my website to show that I am a licensee of DSME and to be compliant with DSME licensure? 

A: Place the following disclaimer on any webpages or materials you utilize related to DSME. 

"(Your name or team name) is authorized by the Seniors Real Estate Institute to utilize, promote, and distribute the Downsizing Made Easy Guide as a licensee of the Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System. All materials are copyrighted by the Seniors Real Estate Institute and Nikki Buckelew, author." 

Q: Do I have to be a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) to purchase the DSME Presentation System? 

A: While we encourage DSME licensees to participate in the CSHP program, it is not required. We have found that those DSME licensees who completed their CSHP courses and action plans have far better results in using the system than those who attempt to do it without additional training and support. 

Q: Can I sell advertising to help offset the cost of printing the books? 

A: Yes! We encourage you to align with your resource team members and define a price point that is a win-win for all. Many of our licensees work together with their resource teams to offer additional exposure while offsetting the cost of the printed guides. (Additional pages may increase the cost of printing the books slightly). 

Q: Is there any coaching available to assist me in maximizing the Downsizing Made Easy Presentation System? 

A: We offer personalized coaching to our licensees to assist in developing action plans for using the materials, collaborating with vendors for advertising support, customizing seminars and presentations, setting up online DSME offerings, and virtually anything a licensee needs to put DSME to work for them. Email us for details on pricing for single coaching calls and packages. 

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