Training Philosophy at the Seniors Real Estate Institute

Growth and Expansion

  • Mastery requires learning, doing, reflecting, and refining. It's a process that never ends.

  • Each person has what it takes to be successful regardless of background, experience, and current level of success or production.

  • Everyone has something to contribute. We appreciate that everyone has valuable insights and experiences to share.

  • There is an abundance of business — more than enough to go around. When people withhold or think in terms of scarcity, they are only limiting the abundance in which they will receive.

The Classroom Experience

  • We create environments that bring out the best in each participant.

  • No one is above or below anyone else -- everyone deserves to be treated with respect at all times.

  • Being ones authentic and transparent self is key to creating meaningful interactions.

  • Book knowledge doesn't begin to compare to experiential knowledge. We believe in the Learn it, Do it, Teach it model for mastering your craft.

  • There is no such thing as "busy-work" in our courses. Each exercise, assignment, and process has a specific purpose designed to add value to your training or coaching experience. 

Trainers, Coaches, and Colleagues

  • We ask of our participants only those things which we are willing to do or have already done ourselves.

  • Personal growth is as important, if not more important, than professional growth. 

  • When we grow personally, we also grow professionally.

  • We take full responsibility for our part in the training and coaching process and expect that our participants do the same.

  • Success happens when we can put our participants in touch with their Zone of Genius and inspire them to incorporate it into their daily life and career.

  • Participants will take what they learn and mold it to fit their vision for their life and business.

About Age

  • A person's date of birth is only necessary for a few things -- for most things it is totally irrelevant.

  • A person's physical body may or may not reflect their ability, will, or resilience. When it comes to people, we don't believe in judging based on appearances.

  • Age is relative.

  • As people grow older, they begin to see things with new eyes. It is more important to know what they see than it is to know their birth date.

  • At every age, there are old souls just as there are young spirits.

Classroom Participation

  • Participants always have the right to accept, reject, or modify anything we say or teach.

  • The more FUN we have while learning, the better!