Ultimate Senior Living Seminar Solution


$1997 non-member investment

$1497 CSHP investment

 Seminar & Expert Panel Topics

Complete series of twelve (12) compelling and informative topics reflecting current senior

living issues faced by retirees, seniors, older adults, and families with aging relatives.

  • 55+ Senior Living Options
  • Independent Living Options
  • Assisted Living Options
  • Reverse Mortgages (panel and seminar)
  • Selling Your Home in Today’s Market
  • Buying a Maintenance-free Home
  • Downsizing 101 (panel and seminar)
  • Aging in Place (a.k.a ‘Staying Put’)
  • Tax, Financial & Legal Issues
  • Staying in Charge of Your Life
  • Downsizing Lessons from People Who Know
  • Estate Liquidation Strategies

Scripts, Talking Points & Panel Questions
Speak confidently by knowing what to say, what to ask, and how to organize your agenda!
Program outlines and talking points for event moderators and presenters, as well as key questions
for expert panelists are all included. 

Live Seminar Video Examples
Get an inside look at seminars having been delivered using USLSS content. Gain insight into effective ways to deliver the content, manage audience questions, guide panel discussions, and more. 

Expert Presenters and Panelists
One of the most important elements of a successful event is choosing the right expert
panelists or co-presenters. Our Guide for Choosing Expert Panelists will shorten your
learning curve and simplify the sometimes complex task of choosing the perfect
featured experts.

Panel Event Best Practices
Ensure that both you and your panelists are completely prepared before the live event
by using our proven pre-event preparation strategy, including key talking points and
guidelines for hosting pre-event prep sessions with your panelists. The Expert Panelist
Guidelines template is perfect for communicating expectations and event protocols.

Venue and Event Setup
Complete with tools, templates, systems, checklists and helpful suggestions designed
to ensure every event is a well-orchestrated one, we guide you through event logistics
from start to finish. Additional best practices for signage, staffing, location, room
arrangements, name badges, and hand-outs are included. 

Marketing and Promotion
Proven strategies and systems designed for getting registrations and RSVPs. Whether
you are looking to fill a room of 25 or 100+ you will appreciate the advertising layout
samples, proven ad copy, postcard templates, website and mailing list suggestions,
and social media tips. 

  • Print advertising samples and copy
  • Press release templates
  • Website design ideas
  • Sample postcard layout and copy
  • Sample marketing flyer layout and copy
  • Sample banners and signs

Sponsorship Tools         
Like-minded service providers will most certainly want to get involved in your
seminar series, so best to be prepared! Ensure win-win relationships by creating
opportunities for them to participate. We have included samples of sponsorship
packages, sponsorship guidelines, and a sample sponsorship offerings flyer. 

Attendee Correspondence
Stay in touch with your attendees using a combination of lead nurturing
templates including emails, phone calls, and letters. If you prefer to leverage
the follow up tasks to a virtual assistant, we guide you through how to do that too!

  • Sample attendee follow up mailings
  • Sample event reminder letters
  • Follow up phone scripts
  • Follow up email scripts


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$1997 non-member investment

$1497 CSHP investment


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