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Having pioneered, operated, and successfully sold a profitable and rewarding seniors real estate sales business previously, we have been training, teaching, coaching, and developing content for other agents across the U.S., Canada, and surprisingly, Australia for nearly a decade. 

It's now time for us to RE-ENTER the real estate market and RE-LAUNCH a new real estate sales business focused and branded entirely around serving the seniors market! 

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  • Weekly posts, videos, and status updates on our building and operational processes. 

  • The REAL scoop on what it takes to create, grow, and manage a real estate sales business focused on the senior market. 

  • Success stories, defeats, and near misses that we experience as we use our own business as a laboratory for creating more PROVEN tools and resources. 

  • Marketing strategies that work, connections we make, and sales techniques using our "practice-what-we-preach" methods. 

  • Exclusively for CSHP Members and Success in Seniors Real Estate course graduates: 

    Because we believe in the value-for-value model, we will be sharing the tools we create, ads we run, scripts we use, and materials we develop exclusively with our SREI members. 

    While ALL subscribers receive access to the "Special Insider's View" of HOW we are structuring and creating our seniors real estate relaunch, only Success in Seniors Real Estate (SSRE) graduates and CSHP members will get to put their hands on the actual tools, resources, and materials for use in their own personal seniors niche businesses. 

    Free stuff (lots of it) will be added to the SSRE Course Library or the CSHP membership page, while items for purchase (a few here and there) will located under the products tab on the website. 

    Join us in growing, learning, building, serving and succeeding together! 

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