Business Booster Coaching Program Guidelines

Participants in the Business Booster Coaching Program commit to the following:

  • SREI Foundation Coaching investment: $429 (CSHP members) $479 (non-CSHP)
  • 6 interactive group coaching and support calls
  • Call times are at noon central and are 60 min calls (12-1pm Central)
  • Weekly submission of completed self-coaching report
  • Provide SREI writers with information necessary to create professional bio 
  • Invest time and energy weekly in growing your personal and professional platforms

NOTE: Only those who will commit to being on EVERY call should enroll in this program. That mean nothing takes priority over this investment in yourself and the growth of your business -- not clients, out of town buyers, travel, sick kids, flu, or stuck in traffic. (If you have a scheduled travel date where you do not have access to communications and will only miss one call, this would be the only exception - prescheduled when registering). Short of being hospitalized, this call is a priority. 

This is YOUR commitment to being focused and highly accountable to what YOU say you want in your life and business. 

What do the calls involve?

Each week’s call will be interactive, yet somewhat organic in nature. As a participant, you will come to the call with your completed self-coaching report (see below) and will share your week’s activities and outcomes taken from the SREI Playbook with the group. We will celebrate your failures (growth opportunities) and your successes (wins).

Based on your self-coaching report, your coach will provide feedback, suggestions, and coaching support directly related to your outcomes, goals, and intentions. Hit or miss - you must bring it ALL - no holding back.

This is NOT a group mastermind. Participants will learn from each other based on the coaching feedback from the coach only. Every person will be given time to report out and be coached. Block 90 minutes in case calls run long. Recorded calls will be available for replay.

What is on the self-coaching report?

The self-coaching report is made up of about 5 questions (and sometimes we throw in an extra). The questions are designed to cause reflection and create time and space for personal insights about your past, current, and future self and business. By taking time each week to complete this report, much of the hard work is already done on your part. Then it’s time to open yourself up and become transparent in order to deepen your level of learning and commitment.

In addition to the self-coaching questions, you will also track and report your weekly numbers using SREI’s Client Creation Formula.

Connect + Invite + Create + Propose = Clients and Opportunities

The entire report is due anytime between Friday and Sunday evening at 5pm. No exceptions.

What does it mean to “invest” in my personal and professional platforms?

Creating a successful seniors niche means time on task over time -- what you focus on grows. Investing time, energy, and sometimes money into your seniors division on a weekly basis is required to begin seeing results. During the 6 weeks of the program, we expect you to devote attention to your seniors niche and make it a high priority. This means connecting with your sphere of influence, networking in professional circles, and making contact with other professionals in the aging services industry. If you are not willing to do this...don't sign up! 

What results can I expect over 6 weeks?

You and only you can determine the outcome you will get. As a participant, you will be asked to set some goals, create a strategy, and take action on that strategy. Chances are, you will see tangible results right away from your actions, but that really depends on your intentions. One person may say that acceptable results are listings, while another person may say that they want an outcome of establishing strong relationships with 5 or 6 senior living communities. The intention and the result are entirely up to you. Building a successful business takes time on task over time... you will be the determiner of what success looks like for you.

What can I expect from my coach?

As your coach, I will show up for every call with gusto! Not only will I be your biggest cheerleader, I will also be the one who points out when you are not living up to your full potential. You will get my best coaching, resources, motivational support, and candid feedback on your coaching report.

By the way, not only do you get your own coaching report feedback, you get EVERYONE’s feedback. Sometimes learn from what others are either challenged with or gifted in. The coaching report feedback is intended to be a learning opportunity for everyone. Complete transparency and vulnerability = massive personal and professional growth. 

What does commitment look like?

When you sign up for this program, you are saying, “I’m in - 100% in.” That means that you agree to everything on the website and that you are making a commitment to invest in YOU, the group, and your goals. True commitment means that you are passionate about the decision and there is NO WAY you would choose anything other than keeping your promise. Should you change your mind part way through and decide you are no longer committed (missing calls, not turning in reports, etc.), you will be excluded from future calls and will have wasted your money (no refund).

This may seem punitive to some and if it sounds that way to you, don’t sign up. For others, it will sound like EXACTLY what they want and need in order to stay focused and surround themselves with like minded high achievers.

Are you in?

Register today!

NOTE: Current CSHP members must login and register through the CSHP Library for special pricing. 

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P.S. If the group is already full, you will be notified and can either leave your registration active to  save your spot  in the next group or you can request a refund that will be issued within 48 hours. Subsequent groups start on the following dates:

March 3, 2014