The Seniors Real Estate Institute 

There are many paths leading to success in real estate sales. While some prefer the old style of selling involving cold calls, door knocking, and spending thousands on marketing and advertising, at SREI we have proven...

There's a better way.
Both more rewarding AND more profitable.

Step 1: Discovery 

Trying to decide if specializing in the mature market is the right thing to do?
Have you been disappointed in other training programs in the past and want to insure SREI is a good fit for you?
Looking for some free resources to help get you started?

You're in the perfect spot! Take a moment to explore the path to specializing in the mature market. When you decide that serving seniors is right for you, we invite you to take the next step and join us, along with hundreds of others who have chosen to stand out from the crowd, building businesses based on contribution, service, and authentic relationships. 

Step 2: The Fundamentals 

Begin the path to a profitable and rewarding seniors real estate niche — OR — expand your current niche with innovative and proven lead generation strategies.

Every successful business starts with a strong foundation and that is what Success in Seniors Real Estate Courses are all about. Even athletes are taught to master the fundamentals before learning anything else. Being an expert in seniors real estate and housing means fully understanding all aspects of the senior living lifestyle and mindset. By first creating a strong foundation through implementation of the fundamentals, you will insure a steady stream of referrals, leads, and repeat clients year after year after year.

Step 3: Growth 

Accelerate your results through intentional action and strategic focus in the areas that matter most - client service AND business development

Secure your long-term position in the market by going from good to great in your specialty practice.

During the growth phase, you take strategic action toward establishing yourself as the 'go-to agent' in your market for older adults, families, professionals, and those seeking expert guidance about senior living options. This is where you separate yourself from the average agents in your market and become known as the expert in seniors real estate. 

Step 4: Mastery

Become the industry 'icon' and stand out from the crowd.  

Just as no two people and no two houses are alike, there are no two identical specialty seniors real estate practices. Your unique and valuable services are the cornerstone of your brand and now it's time to solidify and streamline your systems.

Mastering your lead generation strategies, leveraging the small jobs, giving the best service in the industry, and creating a highly reliable pipeline of leads is what mastery is all about. This step isn't for the faint of heart! Only the most passionate, committed, and dedicated agents will reach the mastery level. 

Step 5: Sharpen the Saw 

Stay connected and up-to-date with ongoing continuing education, industry trends, expert teachings.

The real estate market is forever evolving and shifting and so is the nature of aging. Unlike average agents that just keep doing the same ol' thing year after year, experts stay current on what is happening in their industry and specialty fields. The Seniors Real Estate Institute community provides a variety of ways for agents to stay plugged in and engaged -- always learning, growing, and expanding.