Fundamentals for Success

You have probably been feeling the pull for a while — a ‘sense of knowing’ that serving mature homeowners is right for you. You have done your homework and now you’re ready to make the leap. 
The next step is to complete the Success in Seniors Real Estate foundational course offered exclusively through the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

Advanced training and coaching

Often referred to as a ‘graduate level course’ in real estate, Success in Seniors Real Estate offers advanced strategies and proven models for both serving the older adult client and attracting more sales from the 55+ senior segments.

Unlike any other seniors real estate training programs, this course is designed by agents for agents, delivering only proven seniors niche strategies and teachings. The course curriculum included in the 200+ page manual equips participants to complete the post-course action plan referred to as the Blueprint for Success in Seniors Real Estate

Success in Seniors Real Estate
is offered in 3 convenient formats so you can choose the learning environment that best suits your needs.

Blueprint for Success in Seniors Real Estate

Unlike most real estate trainings where you leave the class and promptly go back to doing what you were doing before, Success in Seniors Real Estate is different! In addition to the content-rich training and comprehensive student manual, you also receive a post-course action plan we refer to as the Blueprint for Success in Seniors Estate. Thirty days of tasks, exercises, and action items are outlined for your convenience, keeping you focused on taking intentional and productive action to move forward. Since we don't believe in "busy work" you can be assured that each and every action item is designed to assist you in getting more business and serving mature clients at the highest level. 

Regardless of whether you choose to earn your Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) credentials, you will want to incorporate the Blueprint for Success in Seniors Real Estate into your daily real estate practice. 

BONUS: Monthly Live Group Coaching

At The Seniors Real Estate Institute, we know how important staying focused can be to your long-term success. That is exactly why we provide complimentary ongoing support to course members, graduates, and CSHP designees during and after program completion.

We address your questions, concerns, scenarios, and anything else that you may need to keep you moving forward. Participants receive encouragement and guidance, as well as best practices from peers and experts all around the globe sharing your passion for both real estate and serving older adults.

* Details can be found in your respective course library once your course is activated.