Master Presenter Series

On-Demand Workshop

If you are committed to growing your seniors niche by increasing your exposure in your market, giving presentations is a proven strategy that works! And while being in the front of the room comes naturally to some, it creates a bit of anxiety for others — and it doesn’t have to! 

This 3 part series, combined with some preparation and practice, is designed to equip you in becoming the expert advisor and educator for all things seniors real estate in your market and community.  

Session 1: Public Speaking 101: Tips and Tools for Becoming an Expert Speaker

Many great speakers will tell you that they weren't born with a natural talent for presenting – they developed their skills over time. By learning these skills and techniques used by the best-of-the-best in the public speaking arena, you will experience higher levels of confidence.  Your confidence will become evident to your audiences as you put your new knowledge into action, resulting in higher conversion rates and more opportunities for presentations.

  • Best practices for doing talks, seminars, and presentations (both small and large audiences)

  • Proven presentation techniques designed to position you as an expert

  • Effective use of slide presentations and worksheets

  • How to handle tough questions with ease

  • Maintaining control of your room and managing energy 

Session 2: Organizing Successful Events: Strategies for Reaching Senior Homeowners

Have you ever been disappointed in your turn-out for a speaking event, panel, or seminar? If so, or if you just want to improve your current results, this is the class for you.

  • Collaborating with senior living communities to offer educational seminars
  • Choosing the right people with whom to align for the best results
  • Seminar titles and topics that attract an audience
  • Marketing strategies for getting the word out to the right people

Session 3: Expert Panel Events & Interviews: Maximizing Your Professional Platform to Reach More Seniors

Not everyone likes to give seminars, presentations, or be in the spotlight, but most people know that doing so will lead to increased exposure and opportunities for increased business. Expert panel events are an excellent alternative to seminars or presentations allowing you, the seniors real estate professional, to maintain expert status and top billing in the eyes of your audience.

  • Choose the right professionals to include in an expert panel

  • Tips and suggestions for selecting the right moderator 

  • Techniques for fielding both prepared and impromptu questions

  • Proven marketing strategies and promotional tools

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